Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get...

...It's what you are expected to give -- which is everything

*Forever Yours Faithfully*
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Hello Everyone, welcome to faithfully_urs
Under Construction by capturedxfaith So please be patient

1) Don't be rude to any members or MODs or you will be banned. We won't tolerate drama.
2) You must fill out an application within 48 hours *2 days* or you will be banned. If you get rejected, you may reapply here in 2 weeks.
3) When posting pictures or long entires you must use an lj cut
4) When posting your application you have to put "I am faithfully yours" in the subject line and "kiss me sweet" as the lj cut so we know that you read the rules. If you don't then your application will be deleted.
5) All entries must be friends only. If you forget I will remind you but if you don't fix it then you will be banned.
6) Please follow the rules. They aren't hard, they are common sense.
7) Have fun ♥

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*We are here to help run this community and keep things going. We will not tolerate any drama or discrimination. We want everyone here to feel welcome. If you want to talk about something you can rant here its perfect fine as long as it is love related. But please if someone gives leaves you a comment just be respectful. Its not that hard. The co*mods and myself will ban you if you start any drama*

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