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I am faithfully yours

If this doesn't work please forgive me, i am really bad at using computers & doing the HTML stuff :(

1. Your names Toni & Gerald (he calls me s'more, he is my cupcake)
2. Your ages both 17
3. Are you dating? engaged? or married? dating, to be engaged when we are 18
4. How long have you been together, and what is your anniversary date? 7 months, 4.6.2006
5. How did you meet? at a roller skating place 5 yeras ago, then remet on a chat room, lost touch and found each other on myspace about a year and a half ago
6. Do you have any kids or pets together? we have a hedgehog, but he stays at my house
7. Do you see yourself marrying him? yeah, i truly do
8. What’s the sweetest thing he has done for you? What's the worst? 2 days before our 6 months we got into a fight because i didn't think he loved me so he made me a huge, colorful poster with 101 reasons he loves me
9. What has been your favorite date together? Prom 2006
10. If one thing could ruin your relationship or make things shaky what would it be? Why? other girls that are friends... i am a very jealous person
11. Is there anything you think you both could improve on in order to make your relationship better? yeah, we both have anger problems, but we never yess.. instead we use our "loud voices" so not using our "loud voices" would probablly help
12. Do you have a "song"? yeah, Eveytime we touch, By Cascada (it was playing during our first dance at prom) and also sexy back & my love by JT
13. What is your favorite thing to do together? (Pg-13 and under please) making super sundaes and watching movies on saturday nights
14. Have you and your guy ever fought before? If so, name a situation and specify how you handled it. lots of times. Once his ex gf who he doesn't like kept calling him because she got raped, and i didn't like how he was so nice to her.. but i felt like a bitch about being mean to her and i appologized to her. they no longer talk
15. What "stage" of you relationship are you two in? serious dating,most likely getting engaged once we are 18
16. What do you two have most in common? Our love for just getting away from everyone and just spending time outide
17. Name one thing that the two of you differ from. He dropped out of school, but i am serious about my education.
18. Do your friends accept your guy? If not, then why? no. They don't like him because recently lost his job and is not in school
19. What celebrity couple do you think you and your guy both represent and why? (physical? emotionally?) emotionally? none, all celebrity couples just use each other, we don't. as for physically we don't really look like anyone famous
20. Are you in love? If so, what made you realize that you were in love? yeah. I have been hurt in the past and used, he never does anything that would hurt me like the other guys did. I realized i was in love when he woke me up at 3 AM while we were on vacation in Maine and he carried me piggy back the half mile to the beach to watch the sun rise.
21. Tell us a funny story about you both or if you don't have a funny story, tell us something we haven't asked you well we were up in my room, and my bed is squeaky so everytime you move it squeaks, well we were moving quite a bit so my mom banged on the door and slammed it open to find us making bead bracelets. I don't know why it was so funny, but the look on my moms face was priceless (true story too btw)
22. Has he met your family and vice versa? How do both of your parents feel about you both? we both met each others parents. His grandparents (he doesn't live with his mom or dad) love me, but my parents hate him
23. How did you hear about us? searching for love communities
24. You MUST promote this community in at least 2 places (promo communities, friends you think should join, or another community that doesnt mind if you promote. If you are unsure whether they allow promoting, please ask a mod in that community whether or not it is ok) with the promo banner and provide the link. If the promos are in a place where they are "friends only", please try and make them public. Promoting in your userinfo just helps us have a more active community! I will promote in my userinfo, if people tell me how :/ but i have no where else to promote yet since i made my account yesterday.
The links:
Please include your pictures here: I don't know how to add photos, so this is my myspaced:
if someone can tell me how to post photos i will love them forever!
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