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i am faithfully yours.

1. your names: kayla and chris
2. your ages: nineteen and twenty-one
3. are you dating? engaged? or married?: dating, although we live together
4. how long have you been together, and what is your anniversary date?: we've been together for almost seven months. we started dating on october 16th, 2005.
5. how did you meet?: we actually knew eachother when we were really young (i was in kindergarden, he was in first grade) because we lived in the same neighborhood. although, six months later, he moved, and then, later on, i moved, too. we completely lost touch with eachother until october, when i looked his name up on myspace, and found him there. i added him, we started talking, we eventually met up, and the rest is history.
6. do you have any kids or pets together?: we actually own two young rabbits. they are completely spoiled, and we treat them as if they were our own children.
7. do you see yourself marrying him?: i can definitely see that in our future
8. what's the sweetest thing he has done for you? what's the worst?: honestly, chris does a lot of sweet things for me. but, i guess it's the little things that mean the most... for one thing, he's always spoiling me. he cooks for me, he cleans for me, he refuses to ever let me pay for anything, and he never fails to tell me how much he loves me and cares about me. i'd have to say the worst thing chris has done to me was probably lying to me about talking to his ex-girlfriend (whom i completely despise). although i later learned that, while talking to her, he was bragging about me and our relationship the whole time anyway. lol.
9. what has been your favorite date together?: probably the first date that we ever went on. we went to the movies together, and we saw 'flightplan.' neither of us were too fond of the movie, itself, but i will never forget that date, just for the simple fact that we were both so happy and so excited to be with eachother. that was the night that chris officially asked me out, and we were both nervous. i remember him grabbing for my hand during the middle of the movie, and how butterflies were exploding in my stomach the whole entire time that we were together. we just enjoyed eachother's company, and after having such a rough past couple of months, it felt so good to be around someone who could make me feel as happy as he did that night. i will never forget it.
10. if one thing could ruin your relationship or make things shaky what would it be? why?: probably his ex-girlfriend... i am the jealous type (although i have my reasons), and i can't stand when she is around, or when she tries talking to chris. her and chris were together for a while, and she was/is obsessed with him. when chris and i first started dating she started shit with me because she was jealous. she said so many awful things about me because she didn't want any of chris' friends or family to like me, even though she has a new boyfriend of her own. i've had to put up with a lot of shit, thanks to her, but being with chris is worth it. i know i've got what she secretly wants!
11. is there anything you think you both could improve on in order to make your relationship better?: i get mad and upset very easily. sometimes, i snap on chris for stupid and little things, even when he doesn't deserve it. as for chris, i think he could work on his jealousy issue. while i can get jealous, too, chris can tend to be worse sometimes. he always gets nervous when i talk to other guys, etc.
12. do you have a "song"?: oh yes. "amazed" by lonestar.
13. what is your favorite thing to do together? (pg-13 and under please): we love laying in bed, watching movies together. we like to spend time with our bunnies, go for late-night car rides together when neither of us can sleep, things of that sort.
14. have you and your guy ever fought before? if so, name a situation and specify how you handled it. of course we've fought (every couple does). we've never gotten into anything too serious, though. when we argue, it's usually over something small, and we both get over it a few minutes later. chris will not let me walk away without solving our problem, and i'm glad he's that way because i'm the type of person who needs to be with someone like that, or else i will hold in my anger, and things will get worse. chris and i are getting good about talking about our feelings, and working out our problems together.
15. what "stage" of you relationship are you two in?: we're at the point where we both know we are deeply in love, and neither of us ever want to lose that
16. what do you two have most in common?: we have a lot of the same personality traits. we're both very caring people, we're both shy (at times), and we both get nervous about the same kind of things, etc.
17. name one thing that the two of you differ from: for one thing, chris loves bowling. i don't. he is "obsessed" with it, and he goes three times a week. i don't necessarily have a problem with bowling, i just hate having to watch someone else bowl for a long period of time. lol. so, we tend to differ on that, and some of the other activites both of us enjoy doing. although, that also makes our relationship even greater in a way because we both learn to accept eachother's differences and work around them. we both participate in the things each of us likes to do, and, even if one of us doesn't like it, as long as we are together, we are happy.
18. do your friends accept your guy? if not, then why?: yes, they do. i've actually had a few of them tell me that they are jealous of my relationship because of how good chris treats me. it's so hard to come across a guy as sweet as he is.
19. what celebrity couple do you think you and your guy both represent and why? (physically? emotionally?): i'm not sure, actually. i haven't been keeping up on the celebrity scene lately. lol. although, i remember, when chris and i first got together, my sister told me chris and i reminded her of britney spears and her husband, kevin federline, only because, when chris and i first got together, we had a lot to put up with (i was going through family problems, chris was trying to put a handle on his ex, etc). my sister said she reminded me of britney and kevin for the fact that they are probably the most judged celebrity couple out there, and, considering both chris and i just got out of long-term relationships before getting together, people were watching our every move.
20. are you in love? if so, what made you realize that you were in love?: i am definitely in love. i've never felt this way about anyone else before. chris makes me smile like no one else can, and i can't imagine starting my day without waking up next to him every single morning.
21. tell us a funny story about you both or if you don't have a funny story, tell us something we haven't asked you: this probably isn't too funny to anyone else, but i'm always picking on chris (joking, of course), and we have so many inside jokes together. chris has a bad habit of wanting to pick his nose while he drives, and everytime i catch him, i just stare at him until he notices me watching him, and then he gets all embarrassed. lol. he also has a habit of singing in the car, and, when he sings, he sings loud... even when it comes to girl music, he will put on his girly voice, and sing his lungs out. it makes me laugh each and every time.
22. has he met your family and vice versa? how do both of your parents feel about you both?: chris' parents are extremely nice. i know that chris' parents are really fond of me. chris' mom, michele, is always asking me when the two of us are going to get married and such. lol. as for my parents, it took my mom a while to warm up to chris, only for the fact that she was worried about me moving on so fast from my last relationship, and because chris and i moved in together so soon after we hooked up. everything is fine now, though, and we all get along great.
23. how did you hear about us?: i searched for couple communities to join, and this one caught my interest
24. the links: i have yet to do so, but i will! if you want to hold off on accepting me this community until i provide my promotion links, that's fine, too! it's just that it's 3 in the morning right now, and i didn't realize how long this survey was until after i finished. lol.


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